Web Presence and Marketing for Mobile Apps

2012 Jun

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Apptlantis is a service whose goal is to help mobile app developers with the web presence and marketing of their apps. With the help of it, you can create an awesome landing page for your app just in a few minutes as well as having a dedicated support section where your users can leave precious feedback. Moreover, Apptlantis will help you have a better Facebook presence in the form of a mobile-app-tab in your Facebook fan-page.

When it comes time to marketing of your apps you will find a very well organized lists of app review sites, and you will be able to boost your sales and downloads by submitting your apps there. Another feature you may find useful is the tool for distributing app promo codes in a very smart and easy way. Moreover, you can integrate your Google Analytics account with Apptlantis and track carefully which users and traffic sources convert best.

In general, you can let Apptlantis help you with your web presence and just focus on what you are best at – building apps.

Experience, Technologies, Skills

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Design
  • MySQL
  • SCSS
  • Copywriting
  • SaaSy Payments integration


Apptlantis screenshot Apptlantis screenshot