Social Media Monitoring. A back-end engine for SaaSHub and LibHunt.

2020 Sep

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Alertcamp is not accepting new registrations. It’s being used as an engine for SaaSHub and LibHunt now.

Effortless social media monitoring. Get notified every time someone mentions your brand or name on some of the major social platforms.

Alertcamp monitors major social media platforms (Reddit, Hacker News, 24/7. Almost in real time. Then you can list the keywords that you are interested in and be notified when any of the keywords are mentioned.

By leveraging the erlang OTP platform and BEAM virtual machine, I’ve built the app in a very efficiet manner. As of Sep 2020, I’m scanning in “real time” all posts on Reddit, Hacker News & with a server load of 0.01 on a cheap VPS server. In general, the choice of using Elixir in this particular case seems to be perfect.

I’ve also implemented a custom version of the Aho-Corasick algorithm that allows monitoring of hundreds of thousands keywords wihtout additional CPU cost.

Experience, Technologies, Skills

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • OTP (Erlang)
  • Aho-Corasick algorithm
  • Ansible
  • Big Data
  • Data processing
  • DevOps
  • PostgreSQL