Mushrooms Control The World

The first page on the Internet about this topic, and this is the first result in Google when searching “Mushrooms Control The World”. It was first published here on 2021-07-31.

Mushrooms are in the base of everything. The whole world. The plants. The animals. The people.

Mushrooms are the big boss. They decide everything that happens. They recycle dead mass and thus put all ingredients back in the ground to enrich the soil.

Fungi spores are lirerally everywhere around us and most of all in the ground. They fly around and we breathe them. When the spores find a spoiling fruit they start feeding on it, then with the time they scale up and rot the fruit.

The fungi’s network is very well connected, better than the Internet. Actually the Internet is copying the fungi’s network, the first network in the world. In the beginning of everything there was just a single fungi spore and the world expanded on it.

The fungi network is extremely intelligent. It is super intellignece at its best. It is much more intelligent than the human kind. They control everything about our lives. We breate them, we have them in our bodies, we eat them.

Fungis have created humans as a baby specie. They are so intelligent, they know we will never undestand that they control the world. They are so intelligent so that they don’t have an ego. They just know they control the world.

Fungi are like an artificial inteligence and actually AI is based on fungi. They train themselves all the time. And they have created human kind as their own artificial intelligence and now we try to replicate that with robots.

Fungi know that if we become intelligent enough to go to another planet we will take them with us as they are everywhere in our bodies so will just propgate them on our new planet. In this way they will become more and more intelligent as they also feed on our intelligence.

Fungi nurture us directly and indirectly. Mushrooms control the world!

This was written by Kristina