It always takes more time

It always takes more time
…to lose weight
…to gain weight
…to build good habits
…to get rid of bad habits
…to arrive on time
…to finish the project on time
…to reach your goal
…for your project to start making money

But that is OK. All we have to do is push forward. Every day. Giving our all. And account that everything will take longer than we want it. Most of the time.

Two months ago, I started building a “simple” job board - I thought it would take me a week. It took a month!

This short post was supposed to take me only 15 minutes, of course, yet it took 40.

When I started SaaSHub I though AND CALCULATED that if the project had 10,000 visitors a day, I would be all set - making enough passive income to have a comfortable life. That was naive. It will take much more. The project has about 8,000 visitors a day today (80% of my initial target), and it is making only 15% of my target. But that is OK. I keep pushing forward - every day.

The moral of the story - be prepared both psychologically and financially that our endeavours will take more time. If you are pressed to give an end date of a project, multiply by 2 your initial guess (yes, it is a guess) and then extend it a bit more.

Sep 15, 2020
// Wisdom

What is on focus now? SaaSHub and LibHunt.