In a few bullet points:

  • Full-stack Software Engineer
  • Experienced Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • Libertarian

I believe in personal freedom and that we all can make our dreams come true by working hard and persistently. I have been passionate about technology since an early age, and I have been working with different software technologies since high school. I tend to be apt to Math, and I won a 3rd place (missed the first one because of a careless mistake) in a national Math competition in Bulgaria.

I love working on interesting software projects and automating whatever is possible. For the last several years, my passion has been working on web based projects and SaaS services. My framework of choice is Ruby on Rails as it provides all the necessary bricks for building modern web applications.

I consider myself as a full-stack software engineer, and I have experience with various technologies and programming languages - Postfix; Apache Httpd; Apache Tomcat; Nginx; MySQL; Postfix; Memcached; MongoDB; Redis; Sphinx search engine; iptables; Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu); Cocoa Touch; jQuery; CSS & SCSS; Perl; Mikrotik Script; PHP; Action Script; Java; Objective-C; Javas Script; Ruby; and most probably something else :). For the time being, I have focused myself on using primarily Ruby on Rails & Ruby as I am most productive with them.