My Projects

A list of the projects I have worked on
Apptlantis thumb


Web Presence and Marketing for Mobile Apps
Ruby on Rails, Design, MySQL, SCSS, Copywriting, SaaSy Payments integration

Apptlantis is a service which goal is to help mobile app developers with the web presence and marketing of their apps. With the help of it you can create an awesome landing page for your app just in a few minutes as well as having a dedicated support section where your users can leave precious feedback. Moreover Apptlantis will help you have a better facebook presence in the form of a mobile-app-tab in your facebook fan-page.

When it comes time to marketing of your apps you will find a very well organized lists with app review sites and you will be able to boost your sales and downloads by submitting your apps there. Another feature you may find useful is the tool for distributing app promo codes in a very smart and easy way. Moreover, you can integrate your Google Analytics account with Apptlantis and track carefully which users and traffic sources convert best.

In general, you can let Apptlantis help you with your web presence and just focus on what you are best at – building apps.

MobiPart for Octopart thumb

MobiPart for Octopart

iPhone utility for electronic parts
iOS, Cocoa Touch, iPhone, CoreData, JSON API, Three20

MobiPart is a tool designed for engineers. It helps you find all kinds of parts and components in an easy and intuitive way. Moreover you can view detailed specifications and offers.

TimeAssistant for FreshBooks thumb

TimeAssistant for FreshBooks

iPhone Time-trakcing utility for use with FreshBooks' billing service
iOS, Cocoa Touch, iPhone, CoreData, XML API synchronizations, OAuth authentication

TimeAssistant is an iPhone application utility targeted to Business users. It helps you to use your iPhone for time-tracking on the go and synchronize entries with your FreshBooks account. It supports multiple accounts. Authentication for your accounts is done easily and secure through the OAuth protocol. thumb

Famous quotes by famous authors. Inspiration and Knowledge.
Ruby on Rails, Design, MySQL, Twilio SMS API, PayPal transactional payments

This project is on the go. My goal is to become the most popular site for famous quotes. thumb

An index of programming languages popularity
Ruby on Rails, Design, Logo, MySQL, jQuery, RSS Parsing

The idea behind this project is Tiobe Index . I wanted to create a simple and fan-based chart for the most popular programming languages. Well, I believe that if enough people share which is their favourite programming lang, it can become VIRAL :) . I satisfied my eagerness to work on new and interesting projects while developing this one and improved my software development skills. thumb

Charts for twitter users
Ruby on Rails, Design, Logo, Twitter API, MondoDB, Resque, Rrrdtool, Google Chart Tools, jQuery

Twitlexa = Twitter + Alexa :) . The goal of this project was to give to people simple and useful statistics about their followers, friends and status counts. I stopped the project because it was using too much resources and couldn’t generate enough money. was crawing about 600 000 twitter accounts on daily basics. I was using Resque for queueing system and MondoDB/Rrrdtool for storing the data. While working on this project I learned Google Chart Tools and Resque. Moreover I gained more experience on Rrdtool, MongoDB and jQuery. thumb

Easily find and organize YouTube music clips
Ruby on Rails, Design, Logo, MySQL, MongoDB, YouTube API, jQuery

The idea of this project was to be a simple and efficient online music player for YouTube videos. Something like a WinAmp clone. It was targeted for home-parties. So, people could search for videos and enqueue results without stopping the current clip. Well, I stopped working on the project because it did not had any monetization stream. While working on I learned two new things – the YouTube API and MongoDB. Moreover I advanced with my jQuery skills. thumb

A social network for fans of various topics
Co-founder, Ruby on Rails, Usability Testing, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, MySQL, Apache Httpd, Sphinx

This was my second StartUp. My role in this project was CEO and CTO. While working on this project I have learned and used some of the Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3 and EBS. I’ve also worked with a professional team specialized in usability – Lucrat . It was an interesting project to work on. thumb

Social bookmarking system. like.
Co-founder, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache Httpd, Sphinx, SEO, Usability

This is my first StartUp project and I’m proud of myself because it is a successful one. I was a Co-founder here. With Yavor Ivanov first and with NetInfo AD after that. While working on I’ve learned a lot of things. From Ruby on Rails development to Marketing, Project management, SEO, Usability, web application profiling, web application scalling and many more.

I’ve worked on this project from May.2007 till Aug 2010